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❤️February is ❤️ Month

Red is my very favorite color. Today, the color RED takes on a new meaning for me.  Happy National Heart Month! I am a Heart Attack survivor and today is National Wear Red Day. I have shared my story with y'all over the course of the year, and I'm so thankful that God saved me! Each year on the first Friday in February, we should wear RED because it helps raise awareness about heart disease. Heart Disease is one of the  leading causes of death among Americans, especially in women.

A Heart Attack occurs when there is a blockage in the artery carrying blood to the heart. The lack of blood causes the heart to seize up and cause a heart attack. Signs and warnings are different with men and women. Read up on the symptoms, JUST IN CASE! Women typically have a higher pain tolerance than men and sometimes choose to ignore the symptoms, Please dont ignore any symptoms. Time is of the essence when having a heart attack. Please talk to your healthcare provider about your health and how you can be proactive in staying healthy. Happy National Heart Month! ROCK THE RED!!!! LET ME SEE YOUR RED!😊❤

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