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Hey Y’all! Let me give you some background on my apple pie. When I moved away from home for my first job, my mama thought I would starve to death. You see, I never had any interest in cooking. When this small town Carolina girl landed in the big city of Atlanta, she didn’t know which way to turn, but guess what? I stayed in and started experimenting with a little cooking. Of course, I called mama every day asking her all sorts of questions. Slowly, but surely,  I started making progress, & I even started to enjoy cooking! 

On my wedding day, mama gave me a special gift, a handwritten cookbook of family favorite recipes. Flipping through the pages always brings back fond memories of growing up when supper time was family time. Sitting around the old oak table & sharing our day was special to my brothers and me. Those memories taught me that food brings people together. One day, while looking for a dessert to make for supper, I found mama’s apple pie recipe, & I decided to bake one. My family absolutely loved it. Over the years, I added a few things here and there to make it my own, and it quickly became my signature dish. Today, I’m known for my now famous apple pie. Family and friends always asked for one.

My apple pie & I have come a long way, and I want to share one with you. Enjoy.


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